What I Want to See at #SHRM17 -- Part 2





Wow. This thing is awesome. I just got stickers that said I was smart a$$.  Which is, all and all, a great reputation to have.
I am interested in going to “Communicating Total Compensation and Benefits to Millennials” because I want money. (I can turn into a millenial on the fly due to the fact that generations are basically stuff that we made up and no one has defined exactly when Gen Z starts. Look it up; it’s worth a google). I also want health care, insurance, definitely dental, and a lot more money. So go to this session then make that happen for me, please.
While you're at that, I’ll probably be at the huge mega session the “Drama Quotient” because it sounds amazing. Because if a session has quotient in the name and talks about people, it’s probably going to be awesome.
On Tuesday afternoon, why not go to something really touchy and important: “Race, Religion and Politics: Let's Talk About It.” The speaker is the CEO of ExecuPrep and she’s focusing on what makes us, us by talking about talking. Specifically, about conversations about race, religion and politics. Check it out, looks pretty cool.
Next, I’d probably go to “Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Disorder Management in the Workplace” because I’m thoroughly sleep deprived from this trip and why not revel in it. Then, you get to go back to your hotel and crash (which is the correct word for it).
Finally before you leave #SHRM17 (gotta get those sweet sweet hashtags) make sure you go to “ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World Famous San Diego Zoo Way.” Don’t go just because it's about an amazing topic or because the description says “GRRREAT.” Go because it’ll be fun and interesting. #WillWorkForChocolate
-the Gen Z Blogger
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