What I love about Smart Job Seekers

How many things in life really make you happy?

Last Friday I was hosting the 3rd annual TalentNet Live Social Recruiting Conference at Pepsico's Frito-Lay campus.  I was not just hosting and moderating, I was presenting in 3 different sessions.  So I was busy.  But Eugene Chu managed to get my attention.

At some point during the day I heard buzz about a job seeker at the conference.  No one knew him.  Yet there he was, actively participating, asking smart questions, networking, and thanking people for their help.  I just smiled.  I met Eugene later that day and was very impressed.  

There is always a great deal of recruiting and networking that happens at a TNL conference.  But Eugene stood out.  He just showed up, very sincere, hoping to meet some good people who could help him connect with a job, and to learn more about social networking.  Smart.

I speak to job seeker groups every month about how to be smarter networkers.  Seeing people "get it" and actively help themselves is one of my great pleasures in life.  

My happy list goes something like this:  My kids, my boat, hummus, smart job seekers, running, reading, travel, Burn Notice...  You get the point.

Eugene is a recent U.S. Army Commander, with a background in HR and operations, looking for work in the private sector.  His Linkedin profile is here.  He's getting started on Twitter at @eugenechu1.  If you have a few minutes to connect with Eugene, please do.  He would love your help.

HR and business leaders, what are some impactful ways you have seen job candidates stand out in the crowd?

Cheers, Craig

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