What are Your 17% Moments?



Steve Gutzler has me thinking about my 17 percent and now, you will also thank Steve for thinking about your 17 percent moments.

For the most part, or 83 percent of the time, we can handle all that is tossed to us or at us.  We can handle life.  We can keep our composure, laugh it off or quickly re-adjust.  Then, there are those 17 percent moments in which we need more grace, we need to stop and understand why this is the last straw.  Or, as my grandmother would have reminded me, keep your own counsel when you are feeling off-center as you do not want to speak with regret.  Her visual, you cannot put toothpaste back in the tube, has left its mark.

17% Moments (Part One)

Twelve Critical Keys to Mastering the 17% Moments (Part Two)

“Research shows that 83 percent of the time, we are able to effectively manage our relationships with people and the tasks that need to be completed. However, in those 17 percent moments when interactions become more challenging and our work becomes more difficult that we find the hard truth—whether or not we are able to continue to operate at our full potential.”

By Steve, “Mastering the 17 percent moments is your ability to handle adversity, failure, criticism, change, stress, and pressure in a positive way.”
“This is at the heart of emotional intelligence. This is where our true leadership and reputation are built.”

--Steve Gutzler, Author, Public Speaker, Thought Leader

 As Human Resource Professionals, I wish you insight into your 17 percent moments.  How can you challenge another team mate or peer who appears to be in a 17 percent moment?  How can you offer them some grace to walk away or maybe offer a teachable moment?  How do you help others to show their best-self?   How can you illuminate the self-sabotage?

The Holidays are celebratory times for many, yet sometimes the memories are heavy and best forgotten.  This is a time of year you might witness more 17 percent moments.   How can you role model positive behaviors and become a guide for others?  How can you be coach and counsel for someone in the moment so that years of work and important relationships are not undone by moments of stress?

Help yourself and others to finish strong in 2017.



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