WFPMA Leader Leyla Nascimento shares her thoughts on IWD 2018

On this International Women’s Day can you share who has served as your inspiration and role model? 


My mother was the one who has inspired me. She faced the Brazilian labor market very early in a prohibitive time (early 60's) of women working. Different from my Father at that time, my mother had to reinvent herself to seek her job space.

In addition, every time we had doubts, my Mother would say: why not? We were able to move forward.

I brought this learning into my life, and by taking the first executive positions in the corporate world, I had to overcome barriers and obstacles to show competence and to make decisions.

I very much identify with the 2018 International Women's Day campaign whose theme is #PressforProgress. The issue of gender does not belong to a single country but it is a global one. Together in our countries, we can look for this multiplier effect of gender parity. As far as the corporate world is concerned, we need to have the wisdom to understand what exactly the companies are looking for in terms of competent professionals to survive in a global and competitive market. This qualification is independent of the gender, and then why not seek this parity? We have made progress on this issue in global terms, but there is still much to be achieved.


What does it mean to you personally to soon serve as the first female President of the WFMPA in more than 40 years? 


I am proud to be at the forefront of a World Federation that brings together 93 countries on different continents. WFPMA is the largest international body for national human resources associations and institutes with more than 650,000 professionals in our area.

The WFPMA brings a history of promoting and driving growth, the qualification of human management professionals in the world. Its leaders, have been, competent professionals and Executives, of those countries.

This opportunity to be the first woman has accompanied me throughout my professional life and volunteering. Not counting the executive positions that I occupied, I was the first President of the Human Resources Association of Rio de Janeiro (state of Brazil where I live); (including 22 states in Brazil), the second woman President of the Inter-American Federation of Human Management Associations (including 16 countries) and now the first in the World Federation. I add to this feeling of pride the fact of being Latin and Brazilian.

If we look at our professional area worldwide, we find that they are occupied by female professionals. However, some of our Associations or even the Federations show a greater participation of the male leadership. This reinforces responsibility by being recognized to hold these positions representing these women who are conquering or seeking to conquer their space.

As a leader, I look for shared management and diverse thinking in building a job. I try to have the sensitivity to recognize that associative work is especially challenging and has a purpose and a cause. We contribute to a better and more inclusive society.

Bringing in a bit of the feminine attributes I would like to say that I am happy (why not?) Moreover, I will do my best in this important challenge.


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