Welcome to the Age of Open Talent


HR professionals today have to face a hard reality: your hard-won employees, at any moment, could walk. According to our research at LinkedIn, 90% of professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. This means that today everyone is a candidate, regardless of whether they’re actively looking for a new job.

Recently at the 2017 SHRM annual conference, I had the honor of presenting on the topic of recruiting and retaining great people in the age of ‘Open Talent.’ So what’s driving more of an open talent mindset?

For starters, the explosion of online jobs and career information offers instant access to new opportunities. On LinkedIn alone, there are ten million jobs, eleven million Company Pages and more than 500 million member profiles. Information and access is exploding.

New work models, such as remote options, talent crowdsourcing and flexible arrangements, give people more options for a better fit. And on-demand learning opportunities make it easier than ever to pick up new skills, whether for a current role or dream job.

The larger question is… What should you do about it?

Focus on what employees want

Google Trends data shows that searches for the term “employee experience” jumped 140% since 2011. From the first day to the last, ensure you’re taking the right steps to ensure positive engagement with your employees.

It’s about the day-to-day experience of working at your company. At LinkedIn we work hard to “keep the magic alive” by offering personalization - of benefits and compensation - and by offering choices around where our employees work, which devices they use, and so on.

And of course, it’s vital to foster a culture of belonging, where all current and prospective team members can feel included and valued.

Recruit in your own backyard

While most people are open to new opportunities, it doesn’t have to be with a different company. It could be with yours. Regularly, we have conversations about our employees’ career paths, so when we need to fill roles, we have a clear understanding of what our internal talent pool could provide, before we outsource.

And we love “boomerang employees” who might be looking to come back to LinkedIn. Alumni groups help foster connection with these employees - ours increased boomerang hires by 3x.

Take ownership of your story

Our research shows that the biggest roadblock to taking a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at the company. You have to show your prospects what they’re getting into.

Broadcast the stories from your employees that highlight your culture and unique employee value proposition.  At LinkedIn, our employees share on social media with the hashtag #LinkedInLife. This content series gives prospects a window into the work lives of our team.

The age of open, visible talent is closing the door on old ways of viewing recruitment and retention -- and that’s a good thing. Making creativity, transparency, flexibility, storytelling and collaboration hallmarks of your HR organization promises for a happier, more productive, and loyal team.  





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