We Need a Real Conversation About the Workplace



There has never been a greater need to talk about what’s happening in the world of work. Workplace issues are more than headlines; they have real-life impact on employees and employers every day.

Now is the time for all those who lead and influence work to engage in a dialogue about the most pressing workplace issues and how to solve them. That starts now and with SHRM.

Today, we are kicking off a global conversation about closing the skills gap, getting business immigration right and addressing workplace harassment. I’ve brought together three executives from iconic Fortune 500 companies Hershey, John Deere and Booz Allen Hamilton to explore the issues—from the HR perspective—in a three-part series. In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing thought-provoking videos and materials to get people talking about making work better.

We invite you to join us in the coming months as we engage our profession, policymakers and the public in meaningful discussions. Visit SHRM.org/work and join the conversation on social using #wearework. We want to know: What does a better workplace mean to you?

This conversation is important for SHRM, our profession and business, because it will raise awareness around the very issues that, if unaddressed, will hold back progress for people and companies in the coming decades. Today, the chief competitive advantage in industry is not financing—it’s the ability to access skilled workers, develop them, and ensure they have healthy, inclusive workplaces where they can thrive.  

No one is more qualified than our Society and our profession to speak about the business of people. Together, we influence legislative and regulatory agendas that affect where, how, and by whom work gets done, now and into the future. We educate the public and employers that skilled, credentialed HR professionals can lead the transformative workplaces we need. And we serve as the voice on “all things work.”

Together Forward, we can drive the conversation about the value of HR and tackle, head-on, the most critical issues at work. Join us.









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