Volunteering? Isn’t that just for College Students?


By SHRM 2017 Young Professional Council member Jessica Gofforth.

You’ve successfully navigated the transition from New Graduate to Young Professional and you’re wondering what’s next. Here are three reasons why volunteering is extremely beneficial as a young professional:

1)      Networking is Key!

Volunteering connects you with a bunch of people you may not have had a chance to meet otherwise! Whether it’s volunteering for a cause you support or a professional organization (shameless plug for your local SHRM Chapter!), you’re going to meet new people that will help you broaden your horizons and teach you some new skills. Who knows? You might even find your next career opportunity! If you relocated and are looking to re-establish yourself in your new city, volunteering is also a good way to bring together like minded people. i.e. instant friends!


2)      It will help you define your Leadership Skill

You heard this one in college, but now volunteering goes beyond a resume booster. If you volunteer for a large event, such as a State Conference, you’ll gain a plethora of skills such as project management, public speaking and event planning. These can payoff in your work when you’re asked to lead a project or can help you land that promotional opportunity.


3)      Stress Relief 

By now you know the “real world” can be stressful. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and do what you do best: help out! 

Volunteer for a local SHRM chapter and make a difference! You can:

Connect with Local HR Professionals Like Yourself
Share your professional interests and goals. Pick up new ideas and discuss common challenges. Make new friends and expand your professional network.

Collaborate, Lead and Sharpen Your Skills
Sharpen your leadership and expand your professional skill set by working with teams of like-minded professionals to develop HR events and programs and learn from the experience.

Make an Impact in Your Local Community
Give back to and make HR visible in your community by participating in activities such as workforce readiness -- preparing tomorrow's workforce today.

Make Your Voice Heard
Get involved in the legislative process and make your voice heard as part of your local HR delegation to your state and federal lawmakers. Advocate for the priorities and values that matter to you as an HR professional.

Be Part of a Winning Team
Through programs such as the Pinnacle Awards and the Excel Awards, chapters are recognized and rewarded for their work inside their communities and for advancing the HR profession.

Find your local chapter and get involved today.



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