Viva Las Vegas- A #SHRM19 Recap


#SHRM19 was an exciting experience just as I expected. I made note of tips from fellow bloggers, packed my comfy shoes, planned my sessions and my meet-ups, and hopped on the plane. Though not my first conference, I was already anticipating the overwhelming force of 20,0000 global HR professionals ready to take on the world. 

HR Professionals are charged with making a difference at work. We have gone far too long searching for a place to belong in the world of work. We Are Work. My favorite strategic moments were: 

  • Lori Kleiman reminding HRDOO (and really all of us) how to communicate what we need. We must make a concise & compelling case. Be clear on the costs of the change as well the costs of not changing. 

  • We must sharpen our skills on investigations. Allison West gave fantastic tips on bulletproof documentation. 

  • We need to update our approach to traditional tasks. Tim Sacket charged us with a simple question – Are you texting your candidates? If not, now is the time to consider this and other new approaches to how we do business.

It will not surprise you to see that many stories about SHRM19 are about people. I was able to connect on so many levels in Vegas. Old friends, new friends, speakers, colleagues from my state, other volunteer leaders, and even practitioners from around the globe. So much of the discussion was about the people that we serve. A couple of my favorite moments were: 

  • Blake Mycoskie giving an inspirational vision for how we should all see the world. But it starts with selfcare. He put it simply, “You cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself.” We need to make more space for this for our employees. Be it work/life balance, flexible scheduling, EAPs, or other forms of support.  

  • Our days are filled with new obstacles to overcome every day. Brene Brown talked a lot about how people show up with armor to protect their heart. That armor can look like many other things besides what it truly is – lack of vulnerability.  Let’s recognize that as a starting point for conversations. 

At the SHRM Foundation kick-off brunch, Alexander Pullen shared his “why” the work we do is important. It moved me and shifted my mindset. We make an impact – and not in the superficial sense – a real actual impact. Give some thought to your own impact: Where is it showing up? Where can you do more? What one or two things from SHRM19 will you bring to your workplace and move it in the right direction? You will find that even more than an impact – you can be a social force.  


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