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I had the chance to connect with Gary Beckstrand, Vice President of the O.C. Tanner Institute in preparation for the upcoming #SHRM18 in Chicago and we chatted about creating a culture of recognition.

What's step one for an HR Pro to foster a culture of recognition to inspire employees to perform great work? Where/when does this start?

Step one is to obtain leadership buy-in and support. Fostering a culture of recognition will take time and resources. Helping senior leadership understand how recognition not only improves engagement and culture but how it impacts business results is key. Aligning your recognition strategy to your existing business objectives and key initiatives will elevate the value proposition of recognition and help obtain buy-in from decision makers.

Do you believe there is a correlation between employee well-being and workplace culture? Does it work both ways to influence each other?

Yes. A recent global study by the O.C. Tanner Institute identified six key influencers of culture. Employees indicated that these six cultural areas would most influence their decisions to join, engage with, and stay at an organization. Wellbeing was one of the six. The study also clearly showed that any improvement in one of the areas positively affected the other areas. Wellbeing is an important element of great workplace culture.

What's O.C. Tanner's philosophy about employee engagement and its impact on retention? How can you help?

Engagement is a personal choice that each employee makes. Acknowledging a person’s contributions and work through meaningful and purposeful recognition significantly improves engagement and retention within an organization. Engaged employees feel valued and see how their work connects to the organization’s purpose. When an employee clearly connects their work with the purpose of the organization their propensity to stay at an organization increases significantly. O.C. Tanner understands both the “why” and “how” of recognition - how to deliver meaningful and purposeful recognition that will best improve retention and other important results

Studies show that Employee Peer Recognition Boosts Work Engagement. What are some good ways to recognize employees, peers and teammates?

There are three critical ways to recognize that if implemented combine to maximize the recognition experience. They are: Encourage Effort, Reward Results, and Celebrate Careers. Providing opportunities for peers to show appreciation and encourage effort with ongoing, frequent thank you’s, nominate peers who go above and beyond to be more formally recognized for producing results, and be periodically participate in honoring their peers’ career, or body of work over time results in establishing a culture of recognition

Where can we find you to learn more?

You can find us at and if you are at #SHRM18 please visit us at SHRM18 Expo booth 1250

O.C. Tanner assists companies to appreciate people who do great work. Because celebrating great work inspires people to invent, to create, to discover. And when people are inspired, companies grow.


Originally published on LinkedIn by Mary Williams.



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