U.S. Based Employment Immigration is Changing - Employers Cannot Afford to Fall Behind


“When the Council puts a panel together these are the movers and shakers of all the key agencies. And to have them 25 feet away from you, and to be able to say, ‘I was in Washington and was able to hear from the director of USCIS’… That carries a credibility that’s priceless.” - Thomas Barnett, JD.  

President Obama's executive action on immigration is bringing major changes to the U.S. employment-based immigration system. Employers cannot afford to fall behind.

Learn more about these changes and how to keep your organization compliant by attending the Council for Global Immigration’s 2015 Symposium. ADVANCE your knowledge as an immigration professional through timely and relevant sessions featuring government officials, industry experts and your peers. Obtain the information, techniques and tools you need to facilitate global immigration.

Stay up-to-date on immigration-related policy changes in Washington and around the world. ADVANCE immigration efforts by visiting your representatives in Washington to let them know how their work is impacting your organization’s global talent.

Why should you, as an in-house immigration professional, attend our Symposium?  Watch this short video, featuring interviews from some of The Council for Global Immigration (@CFGI_Imm) members, to find out and stay tuned to the #CFGI15 hashtag June 8-11. 


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