Unleash Your Recruiting Team with this Strategic HR Hire: The Inbound Sourcer


Want to start a passionate conversation with a recruiter?  Ask them, “How much of your time is spent screening applicants?”.  From running global recruiting teams to speaking to hundreds of recruiting professionals over the past decade, they’ve shared that as much as an astounding 25% of their time went to reviewing applicants to job postings.      

That’s insane when you consider many of those applicants aren’t a fit, but your recruiters still must trudge through dozens of, “No’s” to unearth one, “maybe”.  That’s flat out an inefficient way to utilize one of the most important positions in HR.  Between reviewing applications, phone screens, hiring manager interaction and intake calls, onsite interviews, internal meetings and occasionally lunch, today’s recruiter has become a swiss-army knife of skills giving very little time to the crucial task of recruiting.  So how do optimize your team to focus your recruiters on their strengths? 

Consider the Inbound Sourcer.  This crucial role is devoted to reviewing applicants and delivering only the ideal candidates to the recruiters’ key roles.  Inbound Sourcers can focus on high volume roles (think Customer Service) and/or critical roles (Sales/Engineering) and they can free up the majority recruiters’ time that went to reviewing applicants.  Imagine your top recruiters going from 25% of their time reviewing applicants to 5% solely targeting the cream of the crop?

For perspective, a team of ten recruiters (each with a $100k salary) spending 25 percent of their time reviewing applicants means you’re devoting $250k of their salaries each year to reviewing applicants the majority of which are NOT a fit for your openings.  What a time waste for your top professionals.  Now imagine if you hired an Inbound Sourcer at $50k to solely focus on reviewing applicants and your recruiters only spent 5% of their time reviewing the top applicants.  Not only have you freed up your recruiters to focus on their strengths but you’ve saved a cool $150k for your talent acquisition team.

As your talent acquisition team plans for a competitive 2018, I encourage you to strongly consider the impact of an Inbound Sourcer.  I’ve built this role and team before and it tends to be a natural step from Recruiting Coordinator to Inbound Sourcer (then to Outbound Sourcer to Recruiter and Manager).  Look for increased efficiency across your organization while increasing your recruiting team’s ROI!

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