“Tune in Tuesdays” Episode One: We’re Not Going Back to Normal



As a Talent Acquisition Manager, it’s important for me to stay on top of pressing topics and best practices within the workforce. As we continue to navigate through COVID-19 and pivot into the “new normal,” my SHRM membership gives me the opportunity and resources to learn from other HR leaders and have fluid conversations about the future of the workforce. SHRM’s first “Tune in Tuesdays” provided a great platform with Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix, and Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO of SHRM, diving into some of the topics that I and all HR leaders have been working through. Especially with Patty McCord’s talent acquisition background, this first episode exceeded my expectations and offered great insight into how to build a culture of freedom and responsibility. Here are a few of my top takeaways:

  • Patty McCord said it best: HR’s most important job right now is to build the muscle for change in an organization. The pandemic changed things overnight, forcing companies to flip and flex in areas which they may not have been previously comfortable. It forced us to revisit many key aspects of the workplace such as the interview and onboarding process, WFH capabilities, and maintaining company culture through virtual interactions. Now, as HR professionals, we need to continue building upon that muscle to ensure that we don’t revert back to “normal”. We need to use this as an opportunity to look ahead and get creative. It’s ok to get rid of things that may not work anymore or that we no longer need. Change allows us to be innovative and move the needle, pushing us to be successful in this “new normal.”
  • When preparing for 2021 and beyond, HR leaders need to be the honest, straightforward voice that helps the workforce embrace change. Looking ahead at the future of work, there are still a lot of unknowns. Similar to Patty and Johnny’s energizing discussion, HR leaders need to be honest and transparent with the workforce. Things are different—we will need to tap into new skills and new ways of thinking. The worst thing we can do for our organization—and ourselves—is to tell employees that things will go back to exactly as they were pre-pandemic.
  • Building a challenge culture and one of freedom and responsibility requires open conversation from the very beginning of the recruitment process. Looking at things from a new POV (thank you Patty!), a “great culture fit” in today’s definition should be someone who has the skills necessary to solve the problems within your organization. Be straightforward in job descriptions and throughout the hiring process to ensure candidates understand what needs to be solved and that you’re looking to them to push the envelope on innovation. More importantly, stress your needs as an organization for them to be on board with change. As Patty mentioned, this may scare some candidates away or redirect them to your competition, but in the end, you’ll be assembling an agile workforce with the right people who will accomplish great things together.

Overall, this episode of “Tune in Tuesdays” gave me great insight into how I can start thinking about things differently, even still with so many unknowns for the future. Many thanks to SHRM for the real, honest, and refreshing conversation.



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