#TransformTues – Jeff Nally

The SHRM Foundation team has known for a while that Jeff Nally was a champion for HR professionals and the profession—but, what we didn’t know was how he would step-up and become a champion for the new SHRM Foundation strategy.

Jeff is energized by our new strategy for workplace inclusion, and we hope many more of you will join his enthusiasm. We’ve learned that “giving back” is a natural act for HR professionals, and caring and compassion are two natural traits in HR professionals. We’re here to help you find ways to create inclusive organizations where employees thrive. Read Jeff’s story below.

Jeff Nally (l), Bob Johnson (r), and their son, Adam (c).


I began giving to the SHRM Foundation in the 1990s, because I wanted to give back to my profession. I love the HR profession, and making annual donations was a simple way to help fund scholarships and research about human resources.  Giving back is a natural part of being an HR professional.

Over the past 24 years, my HR career has provided me with an engaging way to contribute to my employers, employees, and now to the executive coaching clients in my own business. The SHRM Foundation supported research and thought leadership in the areas of neuroscience and positive psychology that help me create brain-based solutions for my executive coaching clients.  That gave me another reason to give, because the SHRM Foundation helped to improve my skills and workplace applications to leaders and employees.

Now there’s a new reason that I’m excited to support the SHRM Foundation – social change.  The new strategy to increase inclusion and eliminate discrimination in the workplace hits powerfully close to home for me.

I’m a gay HR professional, husband, and father. I helped launch the first LGBT employee resource group at my Fortune 100 employer.  And, I’m passionate about bringing everyone’s talents into the workplace.  I’m excited about this year’s focus on recruiting, engaging, retaining, and transitioning the aging workforce through the SHRM Foundation at the local level, in my home state of Kentucky, and globally.

I believe in the mission and strategy of the SHRM Foundation so much that I volunteered to come back to the Kentucky SHRM State Council as the SHRM Foundation and Philanthropy Director after serving as the KY SHRM’s chairperson several years ago.

Last week, I shared the SHRM Foundation’s new strategy with 100 chapter leaders at our KY SHRM Leadership Conference, and I could see the enthusiasm in their eyes.  My brief, SHRM Foundation update turned into a thirty-minute discussion about the powerful impact that local chapters can have through the new strategy!  KY SHRM and our thirteen local SHRM chapters are launching a new initiative to bridge the talent gap, and the SHRM Foundation’s focus on the aging workforce will have a positive, direct impact on the aging workforce in Kentucky.

Yes, we should give to the SHRM Foundation because we want to “give back” to our profession.  But, now we have the unique opportunity to create social change in our communities and end all forms of discrimination in the workplace.  Make today the day that you step-up, stand-out, and increase your gifts to the SHRM Foundation.


With your help, the SHRM Foundation will empower HR professionals to build inclusive organizations. Your tax-deductible gift will fund scholarships and solutions for current and future HR leaders. Give back to your profession at shrmfoundation.org/donate.



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