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The SHRM Foundation will continue to invest in HR scholarships for current and future HR leaders because we know that skilled and empowered HR professionals transform the workplace and workforce.  In 2017, the SHRM Foundation will award more than 300 scholarships worth a total of almost $500,000! Read more below about one of the many deserving, talented and devoted HR students we have supported over the years. 


In 2015, Gwyn Dubel, a student at Baldwin Wallace University studying human resources, reached out to the SHRM Foundation and applied for a scholarship. Because of the support from generous donors, we were able to award Gwyn a $2,500 scholarship. We think Gwyn’s amazing and we’re grateful that she was willing to share her story:  

The objectives that I have set for my career in Human Resources revolve around creating a sense of community in a positive and productive work environment. Having firsthand experience working with a variety of people and what it takes to make a team successful, I am looking forward to becoming a knowledgeable and contributing member of the professional HR community.

The SHRM Foundation scholarship means opportunity to me, the opportunity to learn, lead, create, and grow through my courses, employment, and extra-curricular activities.

This scholarship is very important to myself and others like me, because it provides me the opportunity to continue my education with more ease, helping me to build a successful career in Human Resources. I am very thankful for my education and am determined to succeed. Some of my motivation to succeed comes from my goal of attaining and maintaining financial stability and security, something I did not have growing up.

Coming from a low-income household with only one working parent, I would not be able to attend a post-secondary education institution without the aid of scholarships and financial aid. In 2008, due to a life-long condition, my father, who was the primary provider, became disabled and retired early. Then, in 2013, after a series of unforeseen seizures, my mother was diagnosed with epilepsy. As a result, at the beginning of my senior year of high school, she lost her job. My family of four survived that year off of my father's Social Security checks and my part-time employment. If it would not have been for the kindness of others, we would have not made it through. That period of time was very trying, but out of it, we became closer and truly developed a sense of gratitude for the generosity of people.

I feel that without experiencing those things, I would not be the person I am today with the values that I hold and the outlook that I possess. I am very thankful for all the opportunities that my education has allotted me. From my experiences, I have received a true appreciation for hard work, determination, and a positive attitude.

This SHRM Foundation scholarship and others like it are very important as they enable students, like myself, to overcome difficult odds and inspire others.

In addition, it allows us to show people that hard work, diligence, perseverance, and the desire to pursue a dream are all possible. Reaching my dream of becoming a successful HR professional is possible, but it cannot be done alone. My family has given me a strong support system and the financial support of scholarships, like the SHRM Foundation scholarship, has continued to motivate me toward achieving my goals.

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of opportunity and inspiration by delivering a scholarship to a current or future HR leader. Make a donation to the SHRM Foundation at shrmfoundation.org/donate.



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