#TransformTues – Corinne Smith


The SHRM Foundation will award 300+ scholarships in 2017 worth a total of almost $500,000. Each year we read hundreds of applications for HR professional and student scholarships and wonder how we can do more. We can do more when you make a gift to the SHRM Foundation this holiday season. We will continue to help students like Corinne turn obstacles into opportunity—and this is your chance to be a part of that—make a donation today.

In the fall of 2015, the SHRM Foundation reached out to student SHRM members and let us know that there was the opportunity for scholarships for its student members. As president of the University of Texas, San Antonio student SHRM chapter, I knew about the great opportunities the SHRM Foundation provided to SHRM members. As a working student, the scholarship was perfect to bridge the financial gap during my last semester of school.

I have had to work full time throughout most of my college career to pay for my school and support my family. Thanks to this scholarship from the SHRM Foundation, I only had to work part-time for my final semester at UTSA, giving me significantly more time to focus on school rather than finances.

This scholarship has been like a graduation present to me from the SHRM Foundation, paying for over half of the tuition for my last semester of school.

This scholarship shows me that the SHRM Foundation really does care about its student members’ education and professional development. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to have been awarded this scholarship, and look forward to being a member of SHRM as a professional after graduation and being able to give back to students through the SHRM Foundation as well.

Thank you to the SHRM Foundation again for the opportunity to use this scholarship to help complete my education.


Give more students like Corinne the “graduation present” of focusing on their studies rather than finances this holiday season by making a donation to the SHRM Foundation. Your gift, 100% of it, goes directly to providing scholarships and inclusive workplace solutions for HR professionals and students.


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