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It’s that time of year when leaves are changing and families gather together to share their thanks. At the SHRM Foundation, it’s a busy time of year as we are awarding scholarships and publishing new resources.

This is also the perfect time to share with you Burgandy’s story. She is one of many ambitious, thoughtful and passionate HR students who receive scholarships from the SHRM Foundation each year.

Each Tuesday in November and December, the SHRM Foundation will celebrate change by sharing a new story about transformation on the SHRM Blog. We encourage you to share your thoughts about transformation – whether your personal or professional transformation or about how the HR community has transformed since the SHRM Foundation was established in 1966 (50 years ago!). Share your thoughts using #TransformTues and join us every Tuesday for a new story.


I applied for a SHRM Foundation scholarship because I am very involved with SHRM, as I am the President of the University of Minnesota Duluth SHRM Student Chapter and a member of the Northland Human Resource Association (NHRA). 

I have a passion to succeed and help employees in the workplace. I also plan to go to graduate school after I finish my Bachelor’s degree and acquiring two years of experience.

Being born to teen parents, the importance of education has been deeply embedded in me by my father and mother since I was very young.

My parents struggled financially and made sacrifices to give me the opportunity to attend a private parochial school through eighth grade. Watching my mother dream about going to college and becoming a nurse showed me that I need to get a degree in something that will not only make me money, but something I will enjoy doing and develop a love for.

My father has been employed at the same place since he was 16 years old. Every winter he is laid off so when I turned 15, I went and got a job at Burger King to help my father pay the bills in the winter. He always repaid me but without being asked I have always tried my best to help my family out financially.

It was while I was working as a Supervisor at Guaranty Bank, I realized I am personable and I want to see people learn and succeed in their job—Human Resources was the best way for me to put my skills and interests to use.

Winning this scholarship is important to me because it is extremely rewarding to know that my hard work pays off. I work hard to earn good grades, keep up with my involvement in clubs, and I work as a part time Human Resource Assistant at Northwood Children’s Services where I complete interviews, explain new hire paperwork to new employees, and complete many more human resource responsibilities.

As an HR professional at Northwood, I feel that I make a difference for employees when giving them advice on how to advance in their career and skills. Working and this SHRM Foundation scholarship helps me pay for college and achieve my dreams of going to graduate school and pursuing a career in Human Resources. I am thankful for this scholarship as it has empowered me to move forward with my dream.


In 2016, the SHRM Foundation will award more than 225 scholarships to students and HR professionals for academic studies, certification, and professional development. Scholarships, like Burgandy’s, are only possible because of gifts from individuals. Help transform more current and future HR leaders by making a donation to the SHRM Foundation at shrmfoundation.org/donate.




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