Top Ten Tweets from Day 3 of #SHRM15

So much information comes from a conference of this size. It is clearly impossible to attend every session and soak up all of the great content shared. That’s why Twitter is amazing. I spent much of yesterday and last evening scrolling through the tweets from day 3 of the conference. I am listing what I think are the best below. Obviously I couldn’t have read through every tweet so this isn’t to slight anyone else’s brilliance, but these are the best of what I read through.

I won’t be adding any commentary with these tweets as I plan to write blog posts around several of them over the next few weeks. If you have any thoughts about any of them I would love to hear them.

In no particular order…..

(I couldn’t get the first picture to upload so I’m going to just type the tweet out.)

#HR Quit spending 90% of your time on the 10% who are problems @sbrownehr #shrm15


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