Top Nine HR Goals of Small and Midsize Companies

What is your top HR goal, and how do you plan to achieve the goal in 2022?

To help you identify and achieve your HR goals in 2022, we asked HR professionals and leaders for their best insights. From recalibrating and moving forward to increasing retention, there are several goals to consider for 2022.

Here are nine HR goals and how to achieve them:

  • Recalibrate and move forward
  • Develop employee expertise
  • Prioritize employees' mental health and well-being
  • Maintain culture during growth
  • Making Sure Managers Are Equipped and Skilled
  • Provide More Support for Remote Hiring Processes
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction Scores
  • Turn Employee Engagement into Employee Connection
  • Increase Retention

Recalibrate and Move Forward

Looking at the Talent Acquisition space, we are in a very disruptive time. With the current talent shortage, the Recruiter that has the ability to get in front of the Candidate first carries an advantage.

With that in mind, we will be continuously looking for a way to empower our team to have the best quality tools that meet this need. We will also be looking for tools that will allow us to improve the candidate experience.

The job search process in general is scary. Getting to know a new company, new culture, new people carries risk with it. Our goal is to take some stress out of the process by creating an excellent candidate experience.

Steven Brown, Pivot Workforce

Develop Employee Expertise

We're making the transition from being a small startup where anyone could jump in on anything, to a structured business where employees develop expertise and work more efficiently in a single area. Scaling will involve hiring and maintaining culture, but the biggest shift will be proving to the team that doing one thing well can make work more meaningful and lead to better results for our clients. For my team, I plan to focus on business results and personal development opportunities as the big motivators. I think we'll get buy-in when we accomplish more together and build better-defined career paths for individual team members.

Elliott Brown, OnPay Payroll Services

Prioritize Employees' Mental Health and Well-being

The world is changing extremely fast, and it is indeed hard to adapt to it. It is the responsibility of the workplace to ensure that every employee feels safe, heard, and understood at work. Promoting healthy work-life balance and well-being will be more crucial in 2022 than ever since people have come to prioritize it so much. And rightly so: with 'Great Resignation' in full swing, burnout and depressions levels on the rise, and the general trend to be more mindful, employees will not tolerate toxic working culture.
We have been managing this task pretty well so far and we want to do even better in 2022. A hybrid work model, flexible working hours, private health insurance, the ability to choose individual benefits, and building a culture of trust and openness are among the many things we are doing to reach this goal.

Ewelina Melon, Tidio

Maintain Culture During Growth

Motivosity is going through a major growth effort and we're focused on maintaining our great company culture while it happens. This is a key part of our 2022 HR focus because our culture impacts our team, customers, and prospects. Finding people who "love what they do" and fit with our other values is more important than finding people. It means recruiting through referrals and being patient while hiring.

Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Make Sure Managers Are Equipped and Skilled

Our top HR goal for 2022 is to make sure managers are equipped and skilled to lead their teams and functions. We’re acting on this goal through a new Leadership Development Training for all people managers across our organization. This program will give managers skills to make their jobs easier and a cohort to collaborate on tools and best practices.

We’ve partnered with LifeLabs Learning to create a Leadership Bootcamp consisting of workshops that will teach our managers how to coach, provide feedback, productivity and prioritization practices, and how to make the most of one-on-ones. This will help our managers become even more skilled leaders to support their team, work, and professional development effectively.

All managers will also have two hours of dedicated time each week to focus on their development. We’ll create resources that roll out with every initiative to ensure managers have a consistent and actionable set of resources to grow themselves and their team.

Miranda Nicholson, Formstack

Provide More Support for Remote Hiring Processes

With the continuous advent of remote working arrangements, we aim to refine and improve our hiring approach by utilising the right recruitment technology and tools. By doing so, our HR managers can overcome any hiring challenges and expect the following benefits:

-Manage job postings, schedules of interviews, and offer letters on one platform
-Easily seek out qualified candidates, both locally and globally
-Accelerate fair and accurate applicant screening
-Eliminate the effects of intuition-based hiring with a data-driven process
-Create a solid talent pipeline of potential candidates for future hiring

By investing in an all-inclusive applicant tracking software like QuickHR, hiring managers can instantly monitor job postings, secure best-suited candidates, streamline interview scheduling, keep track of application status, and ensure a smooth onboarding process. This helps the HR teams to adapt to the major workplace changes and maintain work efficiency amidst the challenges.

Suki Bajaj, Enable Business

Improve Employee Satisfaction Scores

We use to help us manage our employee satisfaction. While most of our employees love working at Handwrytten, there's always room for improvement. We ask our employees to complete an employee satisfaction review at least quarterly and take the results very seriously. If there are any suggestions in the results, we often follow up with the employee and try to drill down to find an actionable implementation plan.

David Wachs, Handwrytten

Turn Employee Engagement into Employee Connection

In 2022, a new type of employee engagement should be a top HR goal for everyone. Throughout 2021, we surveyed, experimented, and used trial and error in pursuit of an employee engagement strategy that worked in a virtual environment. Now, we know that it is not just about "engaging" employees but "connecting" employees.

To achieve this, we have invested in a more polished online meeting platform, one that allows for breakout rooms to encourage conversation and sharing. Simultaneously, we strived to connect with employees in a more personal way, as the lines between office and home are blurred and pets, children, and spouses wander into frame. Still, we recognize that connection also means connecting with their personal and professional goals, too, so we are investing in learning opportunities that upskill our workforce and develop long-term commitment.

Tammy Cohen, InfoMart

Increase Retention

The top goal in 2022 is retention! Most companies are working on figuring out how to increase their retention, and keep their employees in 2022. With the hiring scare and issues companies are facing, HR teams across the board are working on solutions and goals to retain their employees. We plan to achieve this by continuing to listen to our employees and implement real changes and improvements to our system and processes. 2022 is a whole new job market and the perfect time to be the change you want to see in the workforce!

Andrew Aziz, The Breeze Performance Model


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