Top 3 things that I’m looking forward to at SHRM’s 2015 Talent Management Conference


Later this month I have the privilege of being one of the MCs for SHRM’s 2015 Talent Management Conference. Every year I look forward to this conference – to meeting recruiters and HR professionals from around the U.S. and the world – who are responsible for their company’s greatest asset – their people. Being a reformed recruiter, I love the energy and enthusiasm that these folks bring to this event.

So here are the top three things that I am most looking forward to when I head to San Diego:

1.       There’s (now) an app for that! I am thrilled that we are able to offer an app for our attendees this year. Thanks to the generous support from our sponsor, Indeed, we have a conference app that is available for download via iTunes or Google Play. The app is a great way to get an overview of all that is going on at the conference as well as plan your schedule. I am hoping this keeps me organized because I am looking forward to attending the sessions.

2.       Following #shrmtalent. I am a fairly new adopter to the social world but I try to tweet as much as possible from the conference and the sessions I attend. I love reading about what others are learning. It is also a great way for people who are not at the event to experience the knowledge sharing and learning that is taking place.

3.       Hearing from amazing speakers including keynoters Lisa Bodell, Desiree Rogers, Mike Walsh and Ben Casnocha.

While these are three of my favorite things, I always love going to San Diego… and when I say I love San Diego it is an understatement. This is such a wonderful city with great food, weather and activities to host the conference and I can’t wait to get on the plane to get there!



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