Together Forward at the SHRM Regional Council Business Meeting

Another February and another SHRM Regional Council Business (RCBM) meeting is in the books. The SHRM RCBM #SHRMBiz/#SHRMVLS is the annual conference held in early February. Those attending are State Directors, Director Elects and another Core Board member.

It is a small meeting as SHRM events go.  It is held in some “warm” destination for those of us who struggle with winter.  The purpose of the meeting is to align the most senior volunteer leaders with the mission of the organization to send them home to follow through on what they have learned.  The meeting also allows state directors to meet other state directors and network while sharing methodologies. The challenges each states face are sometime similar and sometimes different, so sharing is good and having someone else to call is comforting. This year’s conference was in Miami, FL. 

So now that I have set the stage, I hope you are wondering, what the meeting was all about. I can distill it down to three bullet points.

  • Certification
  • YPs/EPs  (your pick)
  • Member engagement

There, a day a half encapsulated in three bullet points. So, was it necessary to have people travel all this way?  Yes. Folks from Alaska and Hawaii traveled up to 14 hours one way to be with us. Upon their arrival they were welcomed and met with open arms. You see, those folks can often feel a little disconnected from the rest of us, and I think that speaks to why we do get together face to face.

One might think a day and a half of meetings would be taxing, but I can tell you that it's worth it. We receive so much great information -- oh, and they feed us well, too!  There are those who choose to stay out late and get up early, and this speaks to my theory (another post) on sleep deprivation at conferences. This is self-inflicted for many of us, but it is how we spend time visiting with our seldom-seen friends.

As we talked and talked, and “ideated," the conference wound down.

The meeting ended with attendees passing the mic around and sharing their # 1 takeaways -- and there were several.  While I did not officially tally the remarks, the preponderance of comments were on the SHRM Certification and how well the program is working.

This was a  far cry from last year, as I covered in last year’s wrap up post.

I would also like to put out a huge thanks to Dr. Alex Alonso and his entire team for their insight and vigilance in making the SHRM Certification the smashing success that it has become.

I will close as I did last year and say… I am proud to be Dave Ryan SHRM-SCP!


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