Step Challenge Team Captain Lowdown: Round 3



Last week, we announced that registration for the 3rd Annual Step Challenge, powered by Fitbit Health Solutions, at #SHRM18 is officially open, and we gave you the lowdown on several of our team captains to help you decide which team to choose. Here is your last team captain lowdown, Membership Advisory Council special edition! We are excited to have all members of the MAC serving as Step Challenge team captains this year! Choose your team wisely … !

Meet Laraine, Denise, Mandy, Jeff and Pat; all are Membership Advisory Council members, and all are excited to lead their Step Challenge team to victory—may the best team win!

Laraine Knauss Leads the Northeast Steppers team.

Laraine is the Membership Advisory Council member for the Northeast Region, and she is excited to be making a difference in the lives of HR professionals and getting her steps in at the same time!

Laraine explains why she is pumped to be a Step Challenge team captain:

It’s an opportunity to literally step it up, be more active, track my progress and encourage others to do the same. I support the SHRM Foundation, and this is a creative way to encourage others to make a difference as well.

Follow Laraine on Twitter: @KnaussLaraine


Denise Montoya leads the “D” Dynamic Wonder Team

Denise is the Membership Advisory Council member for the Southwest Central Region, and she is excited to step up in support of the SHRM Foundation while also encouraging healthy habits!

Denise explains why she is pumped to be a Step Challenge team captain:

Join the Denise’s team for two important reasons:

1. To encourage and support healthy habits by walking and exploring both SHRM resources and the Windy City, Chicago, IL.

2. To donate toward a worthy cause, the SHRM Foundation, together working toward championing workforce and workplace transformation.

Follow Denise on:

Twitter: @dmontoyamk

Instagram: dmontoyamk


Mandy Woulfe leads the PAC West Is Best team!

Mandy is a Membership Advisory Council Member for the Pacific West, and she is excited to Step up for the SHRM Foundation!

Why you should join Mandy’s team:

When you join the Pac West Is Best! team, you are doing more than representing the Pacific West region. You are joining an actual SHRM Foundation recipient who knows through personal experience the value of your donation and you are ensuring that other HR professionals, perhaps even yourself or someone you know, will benefit from an educational scholarship and/or the research-based HR solutions funded by the SHRM Foundation.

Follow Mandy on:

Twitter: @mandywoulfe



Jeff Luttrell leads the Jeff's Talent Seekers team.

Jeff is a Membership Advisory Council member for the Southeast region, and he is passionate about health and fitness.

Why you should join Jeff’s Talent Seekers team:

Join Jeff's Talent Seekers if you are a passionate person who loves HR/recruitment and loves being healthy! If you love being the best, you need to be on this team!

Follow Jeff on:

Twitter: @jeffluttrell


Instagram: xfitjeff

Pat Lund leads the Pat's Pitter Patters team.

Pat is a Membership Advisory Council member for the North Central region, and she is excited to create some (healthy) competition between Step Challenge teams!

Why you should join Pat’s team:

Joining Pat's Pitter Patters will be an experience of a lifetime! We will have fun, enjoy some friendly bantering with our rivals, and ultimately be in the "running" to capture the 2018 title!

Follow Pat on:

Twitter: @PatLund


Instagram: mikeandpatlund

For a complete list of team captains and for more information on the 3rd Annual Step Challenge at #SHRM18, please visit


Check out this video with images from our previous step challenges:


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