A Discussion on Employer Branding and Candidate Experience #SHRM19


When the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition rolls around, I make it a point to start planning my schedule and connecting to the people I usually get to see just once a year and that, requires some planning.

I’m that A-type, personality girl who creates an excel spreadsheet and starts plotting where all my #hrtribe members will reside during the conference. Items include: day they arrive, flight, time, hotel, happy hours, networking events, dinners, if significant others or partners are attending, everything!

One such guy I love seeing every conference is Aram Lulla, general manager of Lucas Group’s Human Resources Division. I met Aram at my first SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition in Washington, D.C. in 2016 and love chatting with him about all things HR (and maybe bourbon).

Lucas Group is exhibiting at this year’s SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition, so I sat down with Aram (figuratively) and discussed one our favorite HR topics: employer brand and candidate experience! Throughout this conversation, we agreed upon three things:

  1. If you build your brand, they will come! You can sell your company to potential candidates all you want, but if you don’t have the chops to back it up, it’s a lost cause #turnovercentral. Make candidates find you desirable. One thing I’ve often said is that recruiting or employer brand is like dating. Would the candidate swipe right for a date?
  2. Best place on earth- make the candidate interview feel like Disney! Well structured? Key stakeholders? Clearly defined steps? Align expectation and experience!
  3. Take the money, leave the cannoli- Sometimes, it’s just about the cannoli! If you can’t get the prospect with money, get them with your brand, opportunity, culture, and overall awesomeness!


If you want to hear more of Aram’s great nuggets and how Lucas Group can help you, visit them at booth #2408 of the SHRM Exposition Hall, or find me and I’d love to make an introduction!


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