Gearing Up for #SHRMTalent with Erin M. Stevens

I have a confession to make: I’m a SHRM Talent newbie! That’s right! In my almost 11 (or is it 12?) years of recruiting, I have yet to attend this recruiting-focused event where I can grow my talent knowledge and network with some of the best of the best! Thankfully, it’s just right down the road from me this year in good ole Nashville, TN and I’m headed south!

As any conference nerd will tell you, I quickly jumped online to peruse offered sessions and who I could fangirl over! I don’t know about you, but I use the SHRM Schedule feature and just start adding titles I find appealing, then go back later to delve into the speakers background and what their session entails.

The very first title that caught my attention was “Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Employee Experience.” DING DING DING! Three things I’m SUPER passionate about:

1) Technology/AI

2) Creating a fabulous candidate and employee experience

3) Making my job easier. I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t want to make life easier for themselves? #imselfishandIknowit #millennialkid #ihatethewordmillennial.

I quickly opened up the session summary with anticipation, but before I continue, I think it’s important to note WHY I’m so excited! Right?

You see, I’m currently in the middle of a TA (sidenote: Can I use abbreviations this point in our reader relationship, yes? Ok continue) project at my company, implementing a text-to-apply application which will streamline our hiring, increase candidate experience, and ultimately make my HR MANAGERS LIVES EASIER! At least, that’s the goal, so this session is right up my alley.

The speaker is Jeanne Meister, Partner at Future Workplace. Hmm, haven’t heard of her, so what does any good recruiter do? STALK…. To the interwebs I go…. LinkedIn request. Sent. Twitter? Followed. Google search? Complete. I also followed the @futureworkplace twitter handle, which seems to be an associated organization for HR c-suites on reimagining the workplace. Am I HR C-Suite? Nope. Am I following? Absolutely! #rebelstatus #chooser

Jeanne will present what every HR person craves, case studies! AKA, how did they do it, what obstacles did they encounter, what did they learn, and how can I apply it to my situation? AWESOME! I’m also interested in hearing her thoughts on what new job roles will be emerging over the next decade as artificial intelligence is integrated and what skills those individuals will need to manage AI functions.

Jeanne presents Wednesday at 11:30am in Bayou AB. While the audience is considered “senior-level,” AI is quickly coming to the forefront and everyone should be prepared! Please plan on joining me in her session and let’s learn how we can better the workplace together.




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