‘Tis the Season for (Epic) Party Fails



Before you break out your moves dancing or take the next swig of eggnog, remember this: What seems funny in the moment may send you all the way to the courtroom. 

I’ve compiled the best holiday party fails - so you don’t turn your good time into an insurance nightmare.

  1. "I can’t get no satisfaction," was exactly how the donors of a non-profit organization felt when they learned the company hired a Rolling Stone tribute band for five hours at a cost far beyond the approved party budget.  When it comes to busting the budget to relive your rock n’ roll glory days on the company dime you may be looking at a D&O liability claim.
  2. After one too many drinks, the IT guy left his laptop at the bar before joining the karaoke sing-a-long. Remember, hackers aren’t the only way you can suffer a data breach. Lost, misplaced or stolen devices can create a costly cyber claim.
  3. An employee live streamed a VP on Facebook showing off his tango chops at the holiday party. If the CEO decides the viral video harms the company’s reputation and in turn fires the VP, there could be a wrongful termination lawsuit to contend with.
  4. The holiday party committee hired the hottest new comedian for the entertainment. After the comedian insulted coworkers, the event staff and made advances on the boss’ wife, they wondered if they would have a job the next day.  I always make sure to have someone vet the entertainment so we don’t end up with an EPL claim.  
  5. Leaving the holiday party, an employee got into an altercation with the bellhop that was live streamed on Facebook. Bad party behavior even when the official party is over has lasting repercussions and can cause reputational damage. 
  6. The DJ played MC Hammer’s "Can’t Touch This" and the executive assistant joined the Running Man dance-off only to end up with a twisted ankle and a sore back. Showing off may not be a good idea for your employer, who may have to pay a worker’s comp claim.
  7. After the holiday party, an employee went looking for love using their Tinder app on their corporate issued phone. Downloading unapproved apps on company devices may be an infraction against your organization’s policy, and could lead to a data breach.



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