Time Management in Three Words

Everything you need to know about getting a grip on time is contained in three words.

Eliminate … Delegate … Accelerate

Eliminate: Stop unnecessary or low priority tasks.
Delegate: Give tasks to others.
Accelerate: Become more efficient.

All time management tips and principles either, eliminate, delegate, or accelerate.

8 Time Management Tips:

  1. You can’t manage time you can only manage yourself. “One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. (Accelerate)
  2. Settle. Some tasks don’t need to be done perfectly; they just need to be done. Sometimes good enough is good enough. The enemy of progress is perfection. (Eliminate)
  3. Find a rhythm. Personally, I’m more productive if I have few points of predictability during the week. Perhaps it’s lunch with a coach or turning off email for an hour every afternoon. (Accelerate)
  4. Work expands to the time allotted for it. Create smaller time segments. Do all meetings require an hour? (Accelerate)
  5. Get done by noon. Prioritize your tasks and determine to complete your priorities by noon. Deadlines create urgency. (Accelerate)
  6. Do the dirty deeds first. Procrastinating drains your energy and distracts your mind. Just get it over with. I’ve frequently noticed the things I don’t want to do take much less time than I expect. (Accelerate)
  7. Turn off email and other distractions, at least briefly, so you can focus. (Eliminate)
  8. Use the just start rule. Set aside 15 minutes a day to work on a long term goal. Just start it. You may end up working longer but 15 minutes is progress. Progress feels great. “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs,” Henry Ford. (Accelerate)
  9. Make prioritized check lists. “We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things than we can spend minor time on major things,” Jim Rohn. (Eliminate)

What time management tips help you find more time?

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