Time for the Smart Stage to Take Center Stage at #SHRM17

Steve Browne, Jennifer Payne, Jason Lauritsen, Trish McFarlane, and a host of others. Names those in the Talent and on-line space are more then familiar with. Doing 18-minute Twitter sized presentations. Minimal slides and time, however maximum impact.
It’s time for SHRM to move the small and friendly venue to a broader audience. One attendee spent the entire day at the stage with the knowledge that she could listen to 3 times the speakers into the same amount of time. The Smart stage time has come into its own, all grown up, proven speakers, and great topics in bite sized chunks…Oh and video tape it for the masses too….
Agree with me, tweet #shrm17 and tell them to move it to the main stage…It’s the Smart thing to do!
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