Thinking of Making a Career Change? Where to Start and Who Can Help



Recruiters, Resume Writers, Career Coaches. These are just some of the professionals that help today’s job seeker navigate through the seemingly impossible process of finding a job. How can you possibly know which avenue to take? Well is starts with figuring out a few basics.

Take a deep breath. Poor yourself a glass of your favorite drink and dive in! Let’s start from the beginning. You’ve dug deep and decided that you have so much more to give. Maybe you’re not being challenged and have become bored, or maybe you are feeling unfulfilled and want to try something new. Take solace that you are not alone. Take some time to think about exactly what makes you feel the same excitement you felt when you were a kid! Remember the first time you learned about something so fun and interesting that it’s all you thought about? Being a working professional can and should feel the same way! It’s important to feel that excitement about your work. If you need help figuring out your career goals, or need some motivation and inspiration, consider working with a career coach. Career coaches help you create a strategy and empower you to set and reach your career goals.

Next, write out what particular skills you’ve learned over the years that may be transferable to your desired next step. Start with your top ten. See if you can go beyond that. Think about your experiences and what you’ve learned that will be valuable in a new position. When you were a kid, you identified and focused on the things that brought you pleasure and joy. You still gravitate in some way to those very same things. Subconsciously, your inner child has always ensured that you had some measure of those joys in your life, even in your career path. 

Once you’ve nailed down those skills relevant to what you really want to do, and you’ve decided what you are searching for, write your resume. Don’t be scared. Writing a resume can be tough. A piece of paper can sometimes determine the positions you are considered for. This is where you can make a decision to employ a professional resume writer. They will set up conversations to learn more about you and then prepare a few drafts that will highlight your achievements as they pertain to the job you really want. Some resume writers will also offer to optimize your LinkedIn page so that your online presence matches your resume.

Now that you have your resume, goals and LinkedIn polished, you’re ready to see what opportunities out there are a match for what you’re looking for. If you’re having trouble getting noticed by applying online, consider reaching out to a recruiter or staffing agency. Recruiters represent specific companies, or agencies that work with many companies. If you know you’re interested in a certain industry or type of position, a recruiter in that industry can offer a wide range of clients that may be looking for your skills.

Remember, start with the basics, and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way!

Originally published on Claire Petrie HR blog.



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