They’re not good because they blog..They blog b/c they’re good at HR!


Why you need to connect with the #SHRM18Blogger Team!

I’ve been working with bloggers for over a decade now, across 4 continents and 3 separate careers.  They are passionate, if not persistent- and fiercely loyal to their following.  Yet, what I found above and beyond all the other personality traits is that they are- to put it as simply as I can- good at what they do. 

This year’s crew is a mix of long-established HR voices as well as the “up and coming” cohort affectionately known as the #HRTribe.  They come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and disciplines of HR.  They are a diverse, yet cohesive group of practitioners who’ve worked so very hard to get where they are- and that, above all else, is why they are so very good at the very things they capture in their posts. 

While we have a blogger’s lounge you’ll find them out and about more often than not- connecting, interacting and both teaching and learning during what’s an intensive 72-hours Annual Conference and Exposition experience.  My advice to all is to find that person in the #SHRM18Blogger T-Shirt at #SHRM18, or connect with them long-before Chicago in June- and ask them about the workplace policy or practice.  With several hundred hours of collective experience they’ve experienced the entire gamut of HR- and perhaps what’s even more important- they love sharing these successes and failures with others.  Why?  Because simply put- that’s who they are and why they are good at what they do- well beyond their posts, tweets, and updates across social media.  Although, it’s nice to have all of that as well! 

Follow the #SHRM18 Bloggers    and connect!  You’ll get much more out of it than you can imagine! 

The SHRM Blog does not accept solicitation for guest posts.

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