The Work-Life Balance Myth; Managing Life in an Always-On World

Sometimes learning how to juggle life and work is a difficult task. In fact, some debate if it can ever really be achieved.

Our workplaces can be stressful these days as Management and Employees carry the load of layoffs and greater responsibilities are placed on those left to make it happen. It’s taking its toll on our work culture.

Add technology in the mix, where upper Management is now expecting us to take our work load home with us and be on call 24/7 in responding to emails, phone calls, Skype calls and such, and it’s understandable that we are feeling the stress of being on overload.

Learning how to set boundaries in and out of the workplace and taking time to breathe is definitely something we need to keep in mind.

Since October is National Work and Family month I thought I would look into my online community and ask one of my Work-Life experts, Judy Martin of WorkLifeNation, if she would participate in a Google+ Hangout discussing the topic of “Managing Life in an Always-On World.” I’m so happy to be able to share the recorded hangout with you where Judy and several of the participants and I discussed this very important topic.

I hope you will gain insight into how to set boundaries, how to remain in an even-keel during these challenging times and remember to breathe.


Here is Judy’s video “Transform Stress and Breathe”




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