The Ultimate Pentatonix #SHRM18 Playlist



While many are considering their wardrobes for the near week-long trip to Chicago for #SHRM18, we thought about creating the ultimate Pentatonix playlist to get you pumped for their show on Tuesday night.

Unlike your favorite music website giving you the top rated songs by an artist or genre, we thought a list tied to SHRM conference events or happenings might be a much more creative adaptation.

Before we get to the playlist, a little background. Pentatonix, an American a cappella group originally based out of Arlington, TX rose to quick stardom after winning the third season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”. The group four long-term members and a recent new addition have pocketed three Grammy’s in less than a decade together and have amassed millions upon millions of views on YouTube.

Let’s get to it:

Why head to SHRM in Chicago?:

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • Yeah, we know it’s a Christmas song by tradition, but who doesn’t love trekking to a meet up with 10,000+ of your closest HR friends.


Say Something

  • Get out of your comfort zone a little, meet people, exchange ideas and practices.

Catching up with old friends:

Somebody I Used to Know

  • It’s often that beyond the scores of people you won’t know, that you’ll find that old friend in a crowd or in the expo hall.

While at the conference (keynote, breakouts, expo hall):

(No Place I’d) Rather Be

  • You could be back at the office instead.

Shake it! You know you want to.

Despacito x Shape of You

  • Your employees and family are back home so dance. Freedom!!

If you’re one of many that are an “HR of One”:

Dancing On My Own

  • …enough said.

When you sign up at a vendor booth for the free swag:

Sorry Not Sorry

  • Ha ha! Sure you are.  When you do engage with vendors, try to make a useful connection for things you’re genuinely interested in. Remember if you need to, SHRM can ship your swag home for you instead of in your luggage.

When your cell phone battery dies:

Pay Phone

  • Here’s a tip pack an extension cord with your phone charger, you’ll make a ton of friends.

Sessions have ended for the day, time for a little #HRShenanigans:


  • Make sure you have a buddy, are safe & have a great time.

While you’re in Chicago, you’ll see a lot of this and need to drink a lot of it, too.


  • Visit Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. When you do, make sure you have enough hydration for all those steps you take. Speaking of steps, be sure to join the SHRM Foundation Step Challenge.

After three full days in Chicago:

On My Way Home

  • Take it all back, reflect and use the stuff you learned. Keep up with the connections and look forward to SHRM 2019 in Las Vegas.

As Casey Kasem once said, “If the beat gets to the audience, and the message touches them, you've got a hit.” Pentatonix will play a few of these hits and many others Tuesday night.

See you there!



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