A #SHRM17 Interview with Amanda Haddaway


Hello you. I’m back with an insightful Q/A with Amanda Haddaway – one of the awesome speakers from the #SHRM17 Conference that’s happening this year in June. You might be wondering why I selected this topic – well, let me share with you’ll that I have two years of experience working as an HR Department of One! I loved every bit of it. Yes, sometimes it gets overwhelming, but hey – you get to be the jack of all trades and no two days are the same. Who doesn’t like that?

About the SessionThe Top Five Secrets to Managing an HR Department of One!

Let me give you a Sneak Peek...

Who’s the awesome speaker?

Amanda Haddaway! She is the managing director, lead consultant and trainer for HR Answerbox, a boutique consultancy focused on solving the people problems that business owners, executives and managers face daily. Amanda has more than 15 years and 30,000 hours of experience in corporate HR services, which allows her to effectively partner with organizations to help them solve their human resources and employee challenges.

She holds the two highest professional certifications in human resources, SPHR and SHRM-SCP, as well as a Master’s degree from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Jurisprudence (Labor and Employment Law) at Tulane University Law School.

Amanda is a published author of two books and numerous articles. She serves as the deputy director for the Maryland SHRM State Council and the chairperson for the Frederick County Workforce Development Board. She is an adjunct instructor at Montgomery College and a trainer for the Society for Human Resource Management.

Q/A with Amanda:

I asked Amanda some questions regarding her session at the #SHRM17 Conference. Let’s see what she had to say:

Q. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge while working as an HR department of one?

A. The biggest challenge for most solo practitioners is balance – finding time to do all the work, managing competing priorities and dealing with those “fires” that pop-up unexpectedly.

Q.   How can you focus more on strategic HR issues and not on the petty admin issues, while working as an HR department of one?

A. Technology has really helped move HR into a more strategic direction. Some of the “paper pushing” tasks we used to do have been automated or turned into employee self-service applications. This allows us to focus more time and energy on the really important employee issues of the organization.

Q.   What is the one best thing working in a one-person shop?

A. Variety! No two days are exactly alike and working as a one-person HR department is full of opportunities for creative problem-solving.

Q.  Could you list some of the keynotes that attendees can take with them after attending your mega session?

A. In the session, we’ll cover (1) How to align HR’s goals with the organization’s mission, vision and values, (2) Keys to building credibility, and (3) The importance of relying on your managers.

Interesting right? Don’t miss out on this one! Be sure to meet me and all the #SHRM17 bloggers this year in New Orleans! 



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