The Top 3 Thought Bubbles Popping Over My Head at #SHRM19


As always, the fireworks popping over our heads this Fourth of July were marvelous to behold. As for the week before that, the content at #SHRM19 was similarly crackling. While there, my fellow attendees might have been forgiven for swearing they saw the following three cartoonish light bulb–containing thought bubbles actually popping over my head…

  1. Getting Zen about Compliance

Sorry to get deep—with all the compliance-related presentations at #SHRM19, it’s clear: We want to minimize the risks of compliance. We must, lest we incur fines and damage to our brands. This is why we must “get Zen” about compliance. Compliance is a way of life. Once we think we’ve finished complying, we’ll be finished for sure—as in, “toast.” As we willingly submit to the never-ending flow, we no longer bemoan the need to comply, but embrace compliance for the journey. The goal is to manage the compliance process well and always.

  1. Management and More

Speaking of management, it’s vital we acknowledge something: Management is a big part of what we do. But are the terms “human capital management” and “talent management” limiting? I’m looking at you, “management.” Let’s expand our consciousness. If we’re managing our people, so be it. We can and should keep that word. Beyond that, however, what are we doing? As several speakers noted, we finally have ways for employees to take charge of their growth in the moment via fluid interaction with their teammates and—of course—managers. We want that. We want our employees to reach their potential. This business of managing people should be two-way—about management and more.

  1. Finding Wisdom in Crowds

In salary or other negotiations, HR staff need a way to respond when someone presents them with crowdsourced compensation data. Whoever’s first to aggregate all the crowdsourced compensation data available online and provide an analysis of its reliability will make money. This occurred to me as Jeremy Spake, my colleague at Cornerstone, delivered his session on the pros and cons of relying on compensation data from sources such as Glassdoor. I asked him if anyone’s doing this yet, and he doesn’t think so.

Those are the top three thought bubbles that popped over my head at #SHRM19. I can’t be the only one who already can’t wait for the thought bubbles awaiting us next year, at #SHRM20.


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