The SHRM Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) at #SHRM15

The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is just around the corner and the YPAC is gearing up for the event! 

What does “YPAC” mean?

YPAC stands for the Young Professionals Advisory Council.  As explained on SHRM’s website, the YPAC exists to serve the interests of SHRM young professional (YP) members and provide guidance to SHRM for attracting and retaining non-member YPs.  The YPAC also exists to ensure that SHRM YP activities are relevant to members and SHRM.

Who is the YPAC? 

The YPAC consists of 15 YP volunteers chosen from annual application submissions from YPs from around the United States.  This year’s council members are from California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.  See the list of YPAC members and bios on SHRM's website.  

What is the YPAC all about?

This year, the YPAC is dedicated to three (3) core initiatives – YPAC Social Media presence, a YP Toolkit, and a YP event at SHRM Annual. 

·         YPAC’s Social Media presence initiative includes frequent posts to the SHRM blog, discussions via LinkedIn on the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Official Group, and appearing as special guests on the #Nextchat hosted by SHRM.

·         The YP Toolkit is a compilation of information meant to help SHRM chapters attract, engage and retain YPs.  The first edition was rolled out last year at the SHRM Leadership Summit.  The YPAC will continue to update each year with best practices and new ideas to keep it fresh and relevant.  View the 2014 edition here.

·         The YP event at SHRM Annual will be held on Monday night at LAX Nightclub at Luxor from 7-9pm.  The YPAC team was responsible for fundraising, planning and executing this event.  Register here (registration is required prior to event).  See you there!

How will the YPAC impact SHRM Annual?

Eight (8) YPAC members will be in Las Vegas for SHRM Annual!  Each YPAC member will be volunteering during the conference in various functions and we want to interact with you!  Track the YPAC down in the following locations:

1.       Two (2) YPAC members will be helping facilitate the Student and Young Professional orientation at the conference on Sunday at 11:00am.  You must be registered to attend this orientation.

2.       Five (5) YPAC members will be supporting the SHRM Media Relations Staff in the Press Room on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

3.       Two (2) YPAC members will be real-time blogging about the conference as members of the SHRM15 Blog Squad. 

4.       Five (5) YPAC members have planned the YP event scheduled for the evening of Monday, June 29th.  All Eight (8) YPAC members hope to attend and enjoy the event! 

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about or connecting with the YPAC in Las Vegas, please feel free to reach out to Callie Zipple!  


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