The SHRM Foundation Announces Three Scholarship Winners

The SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Scholarship is granted to three winners by a review committee who select individuals most likely to leverage the tools and resources offered by attending the yearly conference and who, without SHRM Foundation support, would be unable to attend the event. They seek out candidates who are eager to learn and have plans to apply the skills and knowledge gained to benefit their careers, their organizations, and their communities. Meet our 2018 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Scholarship Winners:

  • April Borrero is a Human Resource Analyst in her state’s Department of Health with 15 years of HR experience. April strives to demonstrate how diversity and inclusion must be a continuous, long-term conversation committed to expanding our way of thinking in order to achieve positive social change. By attending the Diversity & Inclusion Conference, April will gain the knowledge and tools needed to guide a diverse staff in eliminating biases’ and providing a more compassionate service to the multicultural district they serve. 
  • Keydotta Crawford is a Human Resources Consultant for her state’s Civil Service Commission with 14 years of HR experience. Keydotta strives to fulfill the Governor’s state-wide initiative to attract and retain a diverse workplace by networking with other professionals about their successes in influencing others to move past simple awareness of diversity and inclusion and onto taking action. Attending the Diversity & Inclusion Conference will provide Keydotta the guidance on how to introduce diversity with policies that both protect and aide inclusion of cultural differences.  
  • Ronda Wakefield is the Founder of NW MT HR Solutions, LLC based in Montana with more than 15 years of HR experience. Ronda strives to share knowledge and bring awareness to the sometimes-misunderstood topic of diversity and inclusion due to limited exposure to diverse populations. Attending the Diversity & Inclusion Conference will enable Ronda to educate employers by guiding them through the topic, discussing how to embrace the concept, and encouraging them to implement a diverse culture.

For more information on the SHRM Foundation’s scholarship programs, please click here. 

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