The Secret Sauce in Leading a Successful Search - Part II


This is the second of this series - The Secret Sauce in Leading a Successful Search.  

The stage was set with the story and the completion of the job posting.  Following this initial step I can begin the next steps of researching and networking.  As I review the profile of the candidate and listen to the stories of our partners and clients, I start to imagine where we will find someone that looks like this new hire. 

The locations of the where to begin are many… is it a professional association, a competitor organization, a like-minded company, a group potential networking colleagues, or do you focus on a “title” search to seek this new talent?  I suggest you do not jump the gun and start this actual reach until you have something to share in the way of an approved job posting. 

Many colleagues start and stop with an electronic share of the posting along with a broad posting across appropriate job boards.  In our Human Capital Group recipe, we add our Secret Sauce in executive search by always attempting a few phone calls as follow-up.  This is the one standard that separates us time and time again.  Candidates remember these calls and this phone time is invaluable to our work. I have met some fabulous people on these calls and gained some insights that could have been lost. I can find managers at their desks at 7:15 a.m. and many times voice mails are left, but I see results. (Again, I must translate that enthusiasm and story-telling in my voice mail and I work diligently to make each of these calls as unique as the person I am attempting to reach with my added research). I am pleased to report that these phone calls are returned and times are set for follow-up phone appointments. These conversations are priceless!

From this deep and wide research we will touch over one hundred candidates and key networking resources in that first week of a Search. I have come to learn that if we do not have a few qualified resumes promised or some interesting returned calls by the end of the first week, we need to re-evaluate our research and our reach. This is not the easiest of work, but this is foundational work to our continued successes in Search.  Mere postings will not get the results you desire.  Networking is a contact sport and we are all-in for these important connections.  I have come to believe that this is one of the game changers in how we approach Search.  I have yet to find any substitutions that yield the best results.

Back to the cooking analogies, sometimes there are just no substitutions! I have yet to find a replacement for our personalized reach and focused connection with potential candidates.  Again, these conversations are priceless!

Stay tuned, more secret sauce will be shared as I unfold the vetting process seeking the slate of finalists.


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