The Race for Tech Talent Has Met its Match


Recently released, Dice’s campaign to find the best tech talent has taken a creative turn. Actual tech candidates are seen posed in their latest #HottestTalent campaign. In an effort to take the stereotyped “old IT” to a revamped, modernized version of the tech department. The platform is to help companies who struggle in finding qualified talent and guide them towards the candidates that are the best fit.

Game Changer

Find the hottest talent. The billboards are featured in some of the most densely populated tech areas such as The Silicon Valley, New York and Seattle. Possibly the most well-known massive tech-centered job board, Dice has yet again blown competitors out of the water by making their product easy to use and - most importantly - relatable.

The New Abilities

With the new Dice mobile app, recruiters can find the talent their hiring managers are looking for with easy-to-use keywords and location down specific distances from the office. Users can select various tech qualifications such as skills in Java, Linux and many more. This means faster time to hire, easier candidate sourcing and more efficient recruitment practices.

What it Means for Job Ads

Although this is a B2B campaign, it has heavy accents of consumerism. The software engineers and developers featured in the campaign connect with the organizations on a personal leadership level through a touch of humor and heap of realism. Just the same, job ads will continue to compete with advertisement campaigns like #HottestTalent. With this campaign, it’s clear both the B2B and the B2C (Business to Candidate) worlds are undergoing a total restoration to reconnect the right people to the right job.

Finding the best tech talent isn’t easy in a highly competitive talent market. The new Hottest Talent campaign from Dice takes a new spin on finding that ideal candidate by making the process relatable. After all, no one has been able to find the Purple Squirrel when they are looking for real people.



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