The Power of Women Supporting Each Other in the Workplace



I've been fortunate to speak on an #HRTechConf panel, in a DisruptHR - Manchester, NH talk, and in other places about my experience as a woman in a leadership role. It has enriched my life in ways I could not have imagined. Unfortunately, some of my past experience is similar to Anne Welsh McNulty's, in the Harvard Business Review article "Don’t Underestimate the Power of Women Supporting Each Other at Work." She says, "So, what are women in the workplace to do, when research shows that we’re penalized for trying to lift each other up? The antidote to being penalized for sponsoring women may just be to do it more — and to do it vocally, loudly, and proudly — until we’re able to change perceptions."

YES!!! Women need to lift each other up. There are many tables, and many seats at those tables. There is room for all of us. I'm fortunate to work in an environment that champions women, and for a very supportive CEO, as are many of my friends and colleagues. But not all of us are in that position.

Those of you in a position to make change - my friends and colleagues Michelle Strasburger and Joanna Young, and my fellow panelists Kristy Wallace, Jeanette Maister (Leeds) and Kathryn Minshew - and many others - keep up this very important work!

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