The Power of Appreciation

How can you keep a focus on appreciation this week?   How do you praise someone for great work?  How do you follow up after receiving an early submission of a major proposal?  How do you respond when someone extends a hand to a colleague without being asked?  What is your reaction when a team mate raises their hand to assist with a project?  What would be your next step if you had the privilege to overhear exceptional customer service being extended? 
Take a moment to tell your team or colleagues that you sincerely appreciated their efforts as you offer a heartfelt thank you.
"Thank you is always a welcome message." 
--Harvey Mackay
The challenge is to offer sincere words of thank you to the teams you lead, your peers, your family and everyone you encounter this week who has made a difference in your world. Take the time and make the effort to integrate the kind and gentle components of Emotional Intelligence into your week.  Please do not merely schedule this for Thursday at 2:00 p.m.  Instead make this an active part of your days. 
"The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated."
--William James 
These thank yous do not need gifts attached.  These thank yous can be delivered in person, sometimes with a note, maybe with a token of appreciation. My guess, many notes of appreciation have been saved to be re-read and remembered.  Use the power of your pen to scribe a memorable message.
To my HR colleagues, I challenge you to make time this week to offer a variety of heartfelt thank you’s to some unexpected recipients.  Everyone will smile in this extension of appreciation.
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