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A little more than a year ago, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) launched We Know Next, our external campaign to help business leaders, policymakers and human resource professionals — and those who influence them — better understand today’s ever-changing workforce. We believe human resources is a critical element — driving the policies, the perspectives and most importantly, the people — behind every business success. SHRM and its members are helping transform business by understanding what’s next.

The revamped — launching just in time for SHRM’s 2011 Annual Conference & Exposition — is where the conversation is happening, addressing important issues including:

  • How can organizations be more agile in today’s global marketplace?
  • What’s the most effective way to adapt, retrain and deploy an aging workforce?
  • What are the latest trends in management and talent retention?
  • How will new legislation impact my business or organization?
  • Who is seeing positive results to the bottom line from workplace flexibility programs – and how are they implementing effective workplace flexibility programs?
  • What issues matter most to millenials?

The We Know Next website is a resource for all of those issues as well as the latest trends, expert commentary and public policy information. A new feature we’re especially excited about is this blog — the Next blog. The blog is a space where audiences can learn from and share with one another. We welcome your ideas and feedback, and — whether it’s commenting on a video, sharing content with your colleagues or authoring a guest post here on the Next blog — we hope you will join the conversation.

The SHRM Blog does not accept solicitation for guest posts.

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