Outbound Sourcer - The Most Important HR Hire of 2017

Why the most important HR hire of 2017 may be one you haven’t heard of.
If you can only make one HR in hire in 2017, hire a…”
“Attention Talent Leaders:  Define 2017 with one game-changing HR Hire”
There’s been a tectonic shift in talent acquisition over the past five years.  Have you felt it? The old days of your best hires coming from applicants ended somewhere around 2012.  Can you still make hires via your ATS, certainly.  Are they the best at their position?  Not really.  
Ask any talent leader at a high-growth company how much of their budget is allocated towards agency spend and you’ll more than likely get a huge groan and then an astounding number.  So how do you put those dollars to better use?  Simple: hire an Outbound Talent Sourcer. 
Your typical day to day recruiters juggle posting roles to their ATS, screening applicants, working with hiring managers and so on and so on.  What they don’t really do is actually recruit.  
Outbound Sourcers sole job is to identify, attract and engage the best passive talent for the company’s hard to fill roles.  If recruiting is classic rock; sourcing is jazz, total skill with a heavy dose of creativity. The best tend to come from recruiters tend to have an agency background but I was able to train a team with several right out of college and hungry to learn. 
The birth of the Outbound Sourcer emerged in arguably the most competitive industry for attracting, engaging and hiring talent as tech companies competing aggressively for the best possible engineers and sales professionals.  Since then the role has become essentially across all verticals and I’ve worked closely building strategy for Outbound Sourcers in industries ranging from Energy to Pet Care.  This new breed of talent champion utilizes social media and creates internal talent pools from former silver medalists and key contacts to be proactively filling the next role literally months before it’s available.  
That was the entire reason I was hired to build out global sourcing team for a large publicly traded tech company and as you can see from the graph above I never had push back asking for more headcount.  But it all started with my first hire and that’s why hiring and Outbound Sourcer should be your most important hire in 2017. 
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