The Most Dangerous Word in the English Language


I should have said something.
I should go back to school.
I should have just said I was sorry.
I should have stood up for myself.
I should talk to my boss about how unhappy I am.
I should have spent my time with my kids when they were smaller.
I should have told her how I feel.

Should is where hollow intentions, unrealized dreams and regrets live. Striking this word from your vocabulary is a great start towards achieving great things in your life.

By replacing “should” with “will” you turn a hollow intention into a commitment. And commitments are where the magic starts. Whenever you have the thought, “I should probably …” that is your conscious or your soul giving you the gift of pointing you in the direction of your happiness. When we replace “should” with “will” and follow that with action, you receive that gift.

The world is filled with unhappy people who talk about what they should do tomorrow and what they should have done yesterday. Chose a different path. Talk instead about what you did yesterday and what you will do tomorrow. Liberate your happiness.

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