The Moment is Now for Emotional Intelligence - #SHRM22

I had the pleasure of connecting with Bethany Adams, MA, SHRM-SCP, an HR Educator at Villanova University, educating the next leaders of our profession.  Her upcoming SHRM ‘ 22 Session - Leading Teams with Emotional Intelligence will challenge your thinking.

I asked Bethany to frame the top three reasons Emotional Intelligence is even more important today as we lead teams and create new successes in the work place. 

Without any hesitation, Bethany commented that post the pandemic and the cloud of uncertainty, we are more accepting of bringing emotion to work. With this change, leaders need to be ready and able to lead with emotion and demonstrate a heightened understanding and sensitivity.  If we are more connected and more passionate, we can best accomplish the important work at hand.

Bethany is constantly reminding her teams and students that “emotions are data” and valuable pieces of data.  Amidst the uncertainty we all face, we must be more in-tuned to these data points.  Bethany’s challenge, your Employee Satisfaction Survey is more than the numbers, it shares an important sentiment and the spirit and voice is telling you a story.  Emotional data is critical for us to navigate the “next” for our teams and organizations.

Finally, we have talked a good bit about DEI issues long before the pandemic, however, we did not deliver on the systems for success and the needed changes to bring about the necessary equity.  We need to foster/cultivate self-reflective leaders who understand the voices and are socially aware.  This is a moment for change in leadership using Emotional Intelligence and great humanness.

Bring your whole self and join Bethany Adams in New Orleans on Mon, June 13th @ 10:30 a.m. to learn more. 

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