The Long Road to November Begins…


As the 2016 DNC wrapped yesterday evening with the historic nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the first female nominee to top the Presidential ticket, it is really only the beginning of a long battle for the White House.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention marks my 6th National Convention. And while I see a nation that is at times disillusioned, concerned and frustrated, the convention process on both sides of the aisle reminds me of the hope, determination and good intentions that both parties have for this country.

While the nation is focused on the impending Presidential race, it is important to remember the many hardworking Members of Congress who are rolling up their sleeves and trying to move public policies forward in order to help the citizens of this nation. SHRM has been fortunate to work with moderate groups on both sides of the political spectrum, ensuring that SHRM, CFGI and our members have a forum to discuss the things that matter most to HR professionals and to find solutions for everyday challenges.

For the past two weeks, members of the SHRM and CFGI teams have covered many convention events and opportunities that have highlighted issues of importance to the HR profession. From workplace flexibility at the Republican Main Street Partnership’s Women to Women Forum, in Cleveland, to talking Skills Gap with the Democratic Third Way panel in Philadelphia, to SHRM Member Engagement Events in both cities that hosted over 200 SHRM members – SHRM and CFGI used the conventions as a way to ensure HR continues to have a seat at the table.

SHRM and CFGI have been advocating endlessly about our Principles for a 21st Century Workforcethat are really the bedrock of good HR practice and the foundation for public policy that moves the workforce forward. Policies that are innovative, competitive and fair are essential to ensure business competitiveness, but they’re also the right thing to do for employees. 

As we pivot from the conventions to the general election, and then move forward to a new chapter in American history, SHRM and CFGI are committed to ensuring HR’s voice is heard throughout the process.

I truly hope that you will continue to raise your HR Voice. SHRM has multiple advocacy resources available on SHRM’s Policy Action Center and we welcome your participation on our Advocacy Team(“A-Team”). Regardless of your party affiliation or personal politics, exercising your constitutional right to vote and making your HR voice heard are imperative to ensuring the spirit of American Democracy. We hope you enjoyed our National Convention coverage and hope you stay tuned for a very lively Presidential debate series this fall!


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