The Better Workplaces Challenge Cup -- Intersection of HR and Tech to Create Better Workplaces

As our world evolves so does the human resources (HR) landscape. Often, though, not on the same scale or at the same rate as other industries and our business counterparts.

This must change.

The pandemic has affected all businesses, HR is no exception. Our workplaces have never been more ripe for change.

The majority of Californians, and Americans alike, spend the bulk of their waking hours “in the workplace.” It’s no great secret that a strong sense of belonging at work results in increased performance, reduced turnover, and a decrease in sick days.

What may come as a shock, though, is that senior executives spend just three percent of their workday thinking about the future—that’s a mere 14 minutes per day.

It’s up to us to collaboratively solve for our workplace challenges. It’s time to lean in and lean on those who have the key to those solutions that will increase efficiencies across industries.

ParagonLabs, powered by SHRM, is opening up that much-needed dialogue between the tech experts and those who know the workplace best—HR.

This dialogue takes the shape of, the Better Workplaces Challenge Cup, a national competition for start-up enterprises to present forward-thinking workplace tech innovations directly to HR and business professionals—a groundbreaking competition in the field of HR.

This merging of the minds can unlock the potential within individuals and organizations. For example, we will be able to use the power of AI to develop unbiased performance reviews and software to collect the skills of a workforce and identify a skills gap—giving employers the intel to refine its talent strategies for the better and transform work in unforeseen ways.

While California is considered one of the most employee-friendly states, that brings with it unique challenges. New laws, new regulations, new trends. And of course—new technologies.

Currently topping the list for California employers are such challenges as sexual harassment training, benefits offerings, and changes to Cal/OSHA reporting. Putting these alongside the ever-growing global job “burnout”, HR is in the unique position to unlock the technological talent door and receive new innovative solutions with open arms.

Moving forward takes innovation, advancing the HR profession takes creative minds, and bringing creativity to life takes resources.

Do you have a better way to solve these workplace challenges? Or, know someone who does?

ParagonLabs is on the hunt for the most ground-breaking, original tech-focused solutions that will reinvent how we do work.

The Better Workplaces Challenge Cup is an opportunity to showcase your solution. The application process is underway; the California regional deadlines are March 5. Find out more and apply today.

Together, we can truly create better workplaces.

Apply now to The Better Workplaces Challenge Cup.



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