The Importance of a Handwritten Thank You



A major piece of advice given to most people searching for a job is to make contact post-interview. Getting in touch with interviewers after a meeting can be beneficial in several different ways. The more exposure that an applicant has to an employer allows the candidate to stay at the forefront of the hirer’s mind. The exchange after the interview shows the employer that the candidate is dedicated and still very much interested in working for the company. This communication can come in many forms including phone calls, emails, and the old-fashioned method of handwritten letters.

With technology on the rise, handwritten correspondence can be considered outlandish and unique in today’s world. When a position is desired and sought by many candidates it is hard for an applicant to stand out in the interviewing process. The professionals charged with hiring for these coveted jobs can have trouble remembering the specifics of each interview if notes are not adequate. When there is a larger candidate pool, the choice between two hopefuls can come down to organizational fit. A thank you letter in writing can show that an applicant places value on the sacrifice of the interviewer’s time and effort. A handwritten thank you is respectful and attracts attention back to the interviewee.

When it comes time to write a thank you there are several items to consider to make sure the communication reflects well. The note should be sent in a timely manner to all interviewers individually to show that the candidate prioritizes following up and showing interest. The letter of thanks should express gratitude and highlight key interview points in a brief manner. Make sure that the letter is free of errors and that handwriting is clear so that it emphasizes the applicant’s capabilities. A handwritten thank you letter catches the eye of employers and ultimately distinguishes the prospective employee from the competition.



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