The G's are Keys



Last month’s Forté Foundation, #PowerUp Conference hosted in Atlanta is still on my mind. Inspiring women as incoming MBA’s were the primary audience. They were each eager for a re-start of their educational journey. Their stories and dreams will set a new standard.   Many of you are still on a high from the #SHRM 18 event.   I lived vicariously through the posts of your time in Chicago, the re-unions and the new found friends.

Walking to the closing venue at the Power Up Conferernce, one of my session participants asked me what seemed to be a simple question.   How do you keep your spirit and drive alive?   “This conference challenged us to use our voice, however, I feel the need to master my actions before my voice.  Daily, how do you do the right things and do the things that really matter?”

As you bring on new team-mates this summer or bring together your team for planning and mapping your future directions, I hope this advice will also resonate with you.  Life is a tapestry of experiences.  We must individually discern the lessons.  My MBA student asked a beautiful question that has been haunting me.   My initial thoughts focused on grounding and then an interesting number of “G’s” appeared on my list:

Grounding – What is your belief system?  What is your foundation?  What life events have been core to your development? Who are your rocks and pillars of support?

Good - Focus on the good over the evil

Guide – Are you a guide for others?  Who are your guides?

Gifts – What are your gifts to share? 

Giving – Do you practice giving over taking?  (with credit to Adam Grant)

Generosity – Are you generous with your gifts?  Your gift could be your presence.

Gravitas – What do you Stand For? (thank you Sylvia Ann Hewitt)

Gratitude – Is thankfulness a part of your ritual and spirit?

Genuine – Is authenticity and transparency part of your DNA? (with a shout out to Keith Ferrazzi)

Grace – Are you able to grant yourself and others grace/forgiveness?

Gusto – Are you passionate about your work/life?

Grit – Do you demonstrate resilience to recover after a fall/set-back? (courtesy of Angela Duckworth)

Gladness - Are you able to find happiness in your days?  Do you add laughter and levity? (Thank you Gretchen Rubin)

Greed – Setting important boundaries for self-care.  Give yourself limits to give yourself freedom. (Gretchen Rubin also offered this challenge)

Group – Who is your tribe? (Thank you Seth Godin)  I think you all will agree, we will do anything that #MaryKaylor asks!  She is an incredible #HRTribe leader with her #NextChat Series.

Gaps – Do you recognize your weaknesses?

Gravity – Reach out and pull others up over pushing them down or away.

Google – We have instant access to information, however, Siri and Alexa do not have all of the answers.

Geeked – A special shout out to the one-and-only #SteveBrowne who practices HR on Purpose!

The characteristics of high emotional intelligence are embedded within this list.  Mastery will come with an eagerness to look, listen and learn.   Other traits will be fine-tuned by witnessing and experiencing the leadership of great role models.  Life is a verb.  We all juggle many balls in our lives.  Some are precious glass balls that risk cracking/breaking without care and attention.  Others can bounce and take us off our center, but they do not risk the break.

There is no secret formula or equation.  My challenge to you, master your actions as they will speak louder than your words.



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