Part 2: The Future of Hybrid Work Will Be About Talent Retention and Knowledge Management

The employee attrition phenomenon and its new fear of the “great resignation” might soothe the change resistance at some point. And the trigger could come from our ability to expand the talent pool geographically to new states nationwide or new countries. For most companies, there’s no turning back after this, do it for one new hire, and you have to change your policies and culture forever. But new talents will make the difference and nurture a competitive advantage in the long run.

On the other hand, if you favor local recruiting or “invite” people to move next to the office to commute daily, obviously you need to be a leading company in your field that makes everyone want to work for your brand. You have no problems recruiting the best talents in this ideal case, but how long will they stay?

Suppose a culture of expertise requires a solid approach to knowledge management and recruitment of the best talents. How long will the company’s structure compensate with its processes and values for the knowledge loss due to attrition?

The hybrid model seems a minimal requirement in the future. And knowledge management will become a very strategic area. 

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