The Cool Tools Show at #SHRM16


SHRM 16 in Washington DC was a pretty special time for Cool Tools Show hosts, Craig and Lars.  For one, DC is Lars’ stomping grounds.  Also the last time we met up at a SHRM event there Lars gave Craig and Kevin Grossman a tour of his office at that time, the old NPR HQ.

Each time we get together for a SHRM annual event we scour the expo hall for new tech, cool tools, and most importantly furry mascots.  We love furry mascots.  Well we took our video equipment (iPhone) around and had some good fun on day one, but the audio didn’t work out great.  You can see that video here – definitely worth a watch.


On day two we started out in the blogger’s lounge with a better audio setup and an interview with SHRM’s Director of Social Engagement, Andrew Morton.  Andrew shared some great insight about his vision and what has evolved for the blog squad and amplifying the SHRM brand. 

We then set out with the best intentions of a better expo tour (with better audio) only to find the expo was closed!  So what did we do?  We recorded possibly the best (and only) video walking tour of the escalators at a SHRM conference.  And oh what fun we had.  That video is here for your viewing pleasure (seriously it is funny).


Along the way we offer some keen observations about our experience at SHRM’s Annual Conference of 2016 in Washington DC.  We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we did experiencing it.

Your Friends,

Craig and Lars




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