The Competency Factor

Who’s the most successful HR professional you know—boss, mentor or other colleague? What qualities do they possess? What makes them stand out?

It’s likely the person you have in mind is business-savvy and well-respected across their organization. They have meaningful relationships with people at every rung of the corporate ladder. They’ve acquired the leadership mantle that so many in the HR profession are seeking. They’re seen as a trusted advisor to the CEO and his or her team of senior executives. In sum, your HR hero has the “it” factor. But what is “it”? And, most important, how do more HR professionals get it?

At SHRM, we call it competency. When we set out to develop our HR Competency Model, we surveyed businesses, educators and over 30,000 HR professionals and found that there are nine critical behavioral and leadership competencies every HR professional needs to succeed and grow.

Read more about the competency factor in this month’s issue of HR Magazine.


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