The Bluetooth Phenomenon


Sometimes, I see people walking around, talking to themselves. Only, they’re not actually talking to themselves. They’re on Blueteeth…tooths…whatever.

But they might be talking to themselves! It occurred to me, “What if they just had a Bluetooth in their ear with no one on the other side?”  They really would be talking to themselves. But that would still be okay, wouldn’t it? It may be a little weird, but okay.

After all, in the immortal words of the late Maurice White, founder of the timeless band Earth Wind and Fire, “talking to yourself is fine. Makes you feel much better. “

Besides, no one was even going to say hello.

{I don’t say hello, but I look at them to determine whether they are indeed talking on a Bluetooth. They don’t say hello either. They just talk…on their bluetooths…teeth…whatever.}

It is okay if the person in the streets is talking to himself with or without blueteeth and whether or not the blue toothes are actually working. It is a little weird, but it is okay. Because so many people do it, it seems normal.  Many people do it! The lady walking out of the grocery store, the guy going to the gym, the public transportation passenger, they are all just about EXPECTED to talk to themselves or to be on a Bluetooth or both.

It gets really weird t the coworker in the cubicle next to you is talking…out loud…but on a Bluetooth…not the company phone, not headphones or earplugs…A BLUETOOTH! 

What do you say to that coworker? That subordinate? That boss!?

I think you should just say, “hello.”

In that great song of theirs, Maurice goes on to say, “Know just where to draw the line. It’s all about Love.”



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